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[Sixth Post] [Written]

I must thank that Lala is letting me use her laptop to write this better than before, so it'll be easier to write than before.

I just have been thinking a lot lately. About all this place, about all the strange things that could happen here. It's just all... so different and the same time it's all the same.

Many people once thought this was a dream, and yet it is not. Why are we here? When are we going to leave? Will I be able to go back to my world?

We have many questions and we don't have any answer. But we keep trying, right? Maybe that's the best thing we can do in this moment. I'm just glad that I could meet new friends in this place.

Don't mind me, I'm just thinking a lot probably.

[Fifth Post]

pp r ntly, my l ptop w s c ught in th h vy storm nd it's not working v ry w ll, s you c n s . It's st rting to m k som str ng nois s, nd I think it's going to br k in ny mom nt.

So, nyon knows wh t I c n do to fix this? Th nk you v ry much.

[ooc: The keyboard is not working well :D If you want a translation of what she is saying, just tell me!]

[Fourth Post]

Staying in the amusement park is really nice. At least the games looks a bit safer than the ones at Wonderland... Anyway, it's been really calm lately, which is really good.

Lovino, I'm ready for the lessons whenever you have time.

Also, Levi I bought you a new book because I thought you'd like it.


OOC: Another log :D!

Who: Peter White (imnotlate) and Alice Liddell (fallen_to_love )
When: The night she was almost kidnapped by a Rabish.
Where: Alice's Room
What: Like if she were just sleeping and what she lived was only a nightmare. There at her side, the one who loves her awaits for her to open her eyes.

If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up.Collapse )


[You see Alice on the ship. You see Alice helping feeding this with carrots too, along with the others.

The problem is that, another of those rabish appears behind, smelling the food. And decides that it'd be a good idea to kidnapp someone with the food. A.K.A Alice.]


[Now this is Alice shouting for help while she is being kidnapped. Quickly, the fish decides that it'd be good to run away and the poor girl seems that she going to swallow a lot of water in the process.]


[And the connection ends.]

[ooc: I will edit this post when a new accident post begins :>]

[Second Lover] [Accidetal Video Post]

[The video starts with Alice and Peter entering to a cave. Well, Alice entering to the cave because she was curious and Peter being Peter: stalking/tagging along with her. After a while, Alice whispers something about they found a treasure and that they should go and tell the others.

In her way out, she hears something behind them. There are two pirates.]

I got the rats that were sneaking on our treasure.

[You can see Alice's face be scared and Peter planning to kill them :|, but Alice's takes Peter's hand as a signal that they should run away.]

If you don't run away with me, I won't talk with you never again!

[After such convincing words, the white rabbit picks her in his arms and starts to run. When they seem to lost them, she sighs a bit.]

Let's return and tell the rest about this, Peter.

[And she notices the video was on.]

[ooc:Jyuuken Crew :3~ Here you have the post ♥]

OOC: Log time!

Who: Peter White (imnotlate) and Alice Liddell (fallen_to_love )
When: The day Peter arrived to the Crew :P
Where: Alice's Room
What: Alice said that she needed to talk with the rabbit about something.

She sighed when she opened the door of her room and went out to find the pervert rabbit again. At least, in that way, he wasn't going to cause any problems outside. And for that, she planned to tell him some rules to not bother the people inside the ship.

Even so, she was glad to see a familiar face from Wonderland. "Peter, there you are."

[First Lover] ♠ Video ♠

A-ah? What is this place? Please, tell me I haven't been kidnapped by that pervert rabbit again... But, now that I think of... This place doesn't look like Wonderland at all. Unless Wonderland changed again and I didn't know it could do that.

I just only hope that everybody is all right where they are... It's strange to be around without them. Is there any way to go back...? Perhaps I can ask around! Yes, I will do that. Maybe the people here is as friendly as it is back in Wonderland.

Except for that rabbit. I'm sure this is all his fault.

Apr. 14th, 2010


Is Alice OOC? Not acting like she should be acting?

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